What if the accident isn't near Tampa Bay?

  • We'll fly there. Using a private aircraft piloted by our staff saves considerable time and money. A survey can be completed in a day or less, almost anywhere in the Southeast.

What Data is Needed?

  • The more information that is available the stronger the simulation can be. To start, we need an idea where the crash occurred and where the vehicles came to rest. The usual elements include crash reports, photographs of the vehicles and crash site, statements and depositions.
  • We also need to get involved as soon as practical, especially for collecting crash site information.

Can a multiple vehicle accident be analyzed?

  • Yes. If enough information is available, a 30 car pile-up can be studied.

What Does it Cost?

  • Generally, the more vehicles and the greater the speeds, the more it will cost to simulate. However, a simple intersection collision is relatively inexpensive.

How long does it take?

  • Depends on the case. Multiple vehicles involved in complex movements are more time consuming to analyze, rollovers and human simulations even more so.